Thank you for your interest in piano lessons at Keynotes Piano Studio. Keynotes is dedicated to teaching piano in a way that excites and motivates students. Our goal is to use a variety of learning experiences to help students develop amazing piano skills and a love of music.  


Private 30 Minute Lessons $100/month Private 45 Minute Lessons $130/month This includes weekly lessons, digital sheet music, games, worksheets, flashcards, and additional bonus lessons for recital preparation.


Performing is an important experience for all piano students.  It is motivating to have deadlines to finish and master piano pieces.  Students learn to overcome the fear of playing for an audience.  Keynotes offer several performance opportunities each year. There is a $10 recital fee per family. Fall Recital Christmas Workshop Spring Recital Summer Piano at the Park Service Performances at local Senior Care Centers (paused until COVID restrictions lift)


Keynotes will have the books your students needs and a binder ready at the first lesson.. Piano Adventures Lesson Book $8Piano Adventures Theory Book $7Finger Power Book $8Sheet Music (included with tuition)Piano Binder (included with tuition)


Learning to play the piano is a big commitment but it is worth it! Learning anything of value requires daily practice. Teachers will give specific assignments for each lesson. Students will need support, encouragement, and structure at home to help them successfully progress. We challenge our students to practice 5 days a week. Each practice session should average 20-40 minutes depending on the student’s age and level.


Students will have an account on the Tonara app.  All of their assignments will be listed on the app each week.  Students should open the app each day when they practice. They will record their practicing with the app every day and complete each song or exercise as assigned.  For optimal progress, plan to practice 5-6 days a week. Each practice session should average 20-40 minutes a day, depending on the child’s age, level, and goals. If you prefer paper assignment sheets, that is also an option.