Lesson Info

Piano Lessons

  • One hour lesson each week with three learning rotations
  • Recitals and Motivational Performances by local musicians
  • Variety of lesson times offered Monday through Saturday including mornings, afternoons and evenings
  • Piano practicing incentive program to motivate students
  • Student progress reports to help set and accomplish piano goals
  • Keynotes Jr. Program for students 4 and 5 years old
  • Individualized young adult and adult lessons available


Singing Lessons*

Little Singers 4-6

This class will teach children the basics of singing. We believe it is never too early to learn proper, healthy vocal technique while having fun! This class will build confidence as children learn to match pitch, ear and rhythm training, and posture and breath support through repetitive songs and games in a fun, creative, and nurturing environment.

Junior Singers 7-10

This class will incorporate the same skills as little singers, while adding more advanced concepts. Students will learn to effectively use their high and low registers without straining their voices. This is especially important at this age as many will try to mimic older, more mature voices and can learn poor techniques.

Private voice lessons for ages 11+

Lessons will focus on the individual’s unique voice in an age-appropriate manner. We do not offer a cookie-cutter approach. Rather, we will evaluate each student’s voice and problem areas and use scientifically based approaches to work past them!

The most common problems that singers experience are cracking, strain, weakness, and hoarseness. However, students will learn how to avoid these issues as they learn to properly transition from their chest voice (lower register) to their head voice (higher register). This is achieved when the outer muscles of the throat are relaxed and the vocal cords are able to work in their most natural and efficient manner. We will also use a technique called vocal tuning that allows them to access the full range of their unique and beautiful voice.

Artistry and expression are every bit as important as technique. Proper technique allows the voice to soar as artists fully explore each song and character they approach with confidence and freedom.

*Singing lessons only available at our Sugar House location.

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