Learning to play the piano can be a fun and positive experience.  Our goal is to create a learning environment that provides a well rounded and complete piano education. We believe in actively engaging students in learning to play the piano through a multi sensory approach in our teaching strategies, curriculum, activities, and resources.


  • The format:  Note reading, piano theory, and playing by sight are taught in three separate rotations during a 60 minute lesson.  Each rotation is taught by a well-trained teacher.  Students work with peer partners to increase motivation, encourage music dialogue, and reduce performance anxiety.
  • The resources:  Students use a variety of resources to stimulate the brain as they learn.  In addition to a piano, they use digital keyboards, computer technology, digital flashcards, recording equipment, colorful visual aids, reinforcing games, and many other interactive and engaging tools.
  • The teachers:  Our teachers are amazing.  They are positive personalities that are passionate about piano.  They have unique music backgrounds that complement each other.  They collaborate with each other to ensure student success.
  • The age:  We offer Keynotes Piano Lessons for piano students ages 6 through adult.  We offer Keynotes Jr. Piano Lessons, for ages 4-6, a program designed to build a strong piano foundation.
  • The opportunities:  Students perform in two recitals each year, which are key experiences in developing performance skills and building confidence.  We also offer Keynote Musician Workshops throughout the year, which include visits from popular local musicians.  These workshops help students to grow a love for music and interact with positive music role models.
  • The incentive program:  Our fun reward system encourages good practice habits.  Students earn Piano Points that can be redeemed for prizes each week at the end of the lesson.
  • The team:  We believe that teachers, students, and parents act as a team in the piano learning process.  We use e-mail and digital files to track student progress and communicate with parents.  We encourage open communication between teachers, students, and parents.  We schedule two “team” meetings each year to celebrate accomplishments and set new goals.
  • The difference:  As our students advance, we empower them with unique skills.  They build a repertoire of impressive songs that they review weekly.  They are trained in chord playing, improvising, composing, and more.  They become complete piano players.


Students will gain knowledge and skills of how to play the piano and the confidence to share their talent like a rock star!

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