Keynotes Piano Studio

Keynotes Piano Studio offers a fun and complete approach to learning to play the piano. Students learn music reading, theory, playing by ear, chords and improvising in a fresh, non-traditional environment. Call today to learn more!

“We have a proven method in a unique learning environment. Students learn note reading, theory, playing by ear, chords, improvisational and composing skills all in a fun and positive atmosphere.”


“I am so happy with lessons at Keynotes. I am so grateful that we found you, that you're willing to work with Caroline, and that you've made it possible for her to LOVE piano, even with a hearing loss that makes music tricky for her!”

- Catherine Scott

“Keynotes is fantastic! Not only is our daughter developing music skills and confidence, she is having a great time doing it. Your method is engaging and fun, which is so critical to retaining her interest. Your staff are always helpful and patient with her and she loves that she gets to partner with the other students. I wish Keynotes was around when I was a kid. Thanks for all you do.”

- Matt, Tamara and Mia Mateus

“Keynotes has been a great opportunity to introduce music to my children. Not only do they learn to recognize notes, they learn to play by ear. This has been a very effective program for my children. They love having choices and picking music. They will challenge themselves in order to play music they love. Watching my children develop a love and appreciation for music has been a joy to watch. Thank you Keynotes!”

-Sheree Godfrey